Topics of Interest

AT 2012 conference focuses on the following topics:

  • Argumentation, negotiation
  • Trust and reputation
  • Coordination and distributed decision making
  • Computational Social Choice
  • Semantic alignment
  • Intertheory Relations
  • Decision and game theoretic foundations for agreement
  • Agent Commitments
  • Semantic Service Coordination
  • Normative Systems
  • Individual reasoning about norm adoption
  • Collective deliberation about norm adoption
  • Autonomic Electronic Institutions
  • Group planning agreements
  • Deliberative Agreement: social choice and collective judgment
  • Evolution of organisational structures
  • Social intelligence
  • Logics for Agreements
  • Realtime agreements
  • Agreement patterns
  • Agreement technologies architectures, environments and methodologies
  • Applications of agreement technologies (e.g. web service composition, contract automation, supply chain automation, sensor networks, etc.)

Additional information