Sponsorship Opportunities

On behalf of the organizing committee of AT-2012 , we invite you to become a sponsor of the 1st International Conference on Agreement Technologies, and thus play an essential role for the success of the event.

Your sponsorship is of foremost importance as without substantial financial backing, conference fees would be inaccessible to members of the young community that has emerged in the field of Agreement Technologies, thus putting the success of the event at risk. Another, equally important reason for your participation is that your presence would contribute to the prestige and impact of the conference and would motivate other sponsors to join as well.

There are different ways you may give support to AT-2012. The following table shows the standard sponsorship categories:





5,000 €



3,000 €



2,000 €



1,000 €


Some sponsors prefer to target their contributions towards specific activities or items, such coffee breaks, electronic proceedings, registration kit, or social event, and we would gladly receive this kind of support as well.

All sponsors would be credited with their logos displayed in:
• Printed materials, as schedule permits
• AT-2012 website and proceedings
• Conference bag or other promotional item


Additional information